Friday, March 19, 2010

More evidence that a good breakfast can make any day marginally better

If you ever blow a tire on the Miami freeway at 4 am, I highly suggest hitting up the Ham and Eggery. The owners are enthusiastic about three things: wood paneling you can't find outside a 70s rumpus room, decorations that must have been scrounged exclusively from garage sales (where else can you find a giant poster of Scarface, a decorative portrait of the Rev. Martin Luther King, and the cover to a Jimi Hendrix album on the same wall?), and cheap breakfast food. The entire spread pictured (plus a tasty buttermilk pancake that had yet to arrive) cost a mere $13. Despite the harrowing circumstances that led us to this fine establishment (housed in a faux barn no less), the near-death experience may just have been worth it. If I ever find myself in that crummy strip of road within walking distance of the Tire Kingdom, I will be back.

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