Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Which I Unknowingly Give Men The Worst Pick-Up Line Ever

I have a tattoo. It is on the inside of my upper arm and says "Thinking of You" in lovely, scrolling script. I got it as a memorial to a dear friend that passed away in January. It's not in a terribly visible place, and even when I wear something short-sleeved, people don't usually notice it--at least not right away. However, it's getting warm out. I'm going to bars. I'm wearing dresses--and dudes are seeing it. The standard exchange goes like this:

Dude: (Notices tattoo) Hey, you thinking of me? *wink*

Me: Uh. No.

Dude: (awkward laugh) I'm just kidding. Who you thinking of then?

Me: My dead friend.

~End Scene~

I get that it's hard to make conversation in a bar, but seriously? That's the best you can do? Who do you think I'm thinking of? Elmo? Tom Cruise? No, douchebag! Use your meat brain for 5 seconds. It should go like this:

"Hmm. It must be for someone special. Someone who probably isn't alive any more. Why would you need that for someone who was still around? I'll be polite."

I mentioned this to my aunt, who actually had a great response for me to give next time: "Not now, or ever." Ahmen.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Life Gives You Liz Lemons...

So, yesterday I'm walking down the street on my way to school and some dudes in a car sprayed me with a water gun! In the face! Luckily, I was wearing a jacket and big sunglasses so the damage was minor. They drove off while I stood there yelling and shaking my fist. Then, I continued on my way. When I related this story to my friend Eliza her reaction was "Oh my God. You are so Liz Lemon!" Now, this is hardly the first time someone has compared me to Liz/Tina Fey. However, it was the second time in a week when someone made such an observation. Luckily, I love me some Liz Lemon and not-so-secretly want to be her. (Come on. The TV writing gig, the NYC apartment, the proximity to Judah Friedlander?) Although sometimes I feel like the 30 Rock writers are following me around based on some of the things she says and does...Now, if I can only meet a dude that looks like Jon Hamm and smells like frosting. Oh, and I'm totally into hooks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A lotta Lattes (sorry)

I have a thing about lattes. They are the perfect drink. I keep a mental list of the best lattes I've had. Before today it was as follows:

1.) That latte I had at that place in Carmel, CA three years ago.

2.) The South End Buttery's lattes
3.) The Lavender latte from Chocopologie in Norwalk, CT
4.) Uh...something in London?

You see, not all lattes are created equal. In fact, most of the time they're crap--especially the bastardized version Starbucks sells. Luckily, here in Boston there is a beavy of impossibly cute cafes with authentic espresso machines. Today I went to one such place: Flour in the South End. It's a short walk from Katie's, which will prove to be a problem once I move in. I got a soy latte, since I'm lactose intolerant. The soymilk they use was perfect (I'm guessing it was unsweetened) and made just the right amount of airy, foamy goodness. My big gripe with Starbucks is the soymilk they use. It's just gross. Super sweet. And, usually it tastes kind of, well, burnt. Plus, those lattes aren't cheap--esp. after the extra charge for the soy milk. Flour's was the same price, for a bigger, better drink. Coupled with a giant vegan vanilla berry muffin top, it was a perfect way to start the day. I think Flour just may top the mental list.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Of Postcards and Paperbacks

I watched An Education this week and aside from the terrific performances and delicious costumes (there's one red and white dress Carey Mulligan's character wears in one scene that is glorious) there's a line from Olivia Williams' character about how her apartment is decorated with 'postcards and paperbacks.' I just love that. It's symbolic of the things I enjoy as well as desire. I'm thinking of starting a separate blog with that as the title. This would be much more focused though. This blog is really nothing more than a hodgepodge of the last three years--and I rather like it that way. So, keep your eyes peeled in the future for Postcards and Paperbacks :)