Thursday, April 19, 2007

I try to make the best at happiness

So, I know I keep posting about these trips I'm supposedly taking and that the 3 people who read this blog probably think I'm just full of shit by now, but this time I SWEAR I'm actully going somewhere. Well, somewheres: Potentially to Key West with my aforementioned cousin in June AND to San Francisco to visit Old Uncle Mark. I'll probably also go down to San Diego to visit Even Older Uncle David at the famous beach house of Sullivan myth and legend...if they let me in, that is. Then, if I'm still looking for meaning/a purpose/ a life plan I'll head back to quote M. Ward, "God it's great to be alive".

Here's a list of things we might do in Key West:
-Swim with dolphins.
-Parasailing (no really!)
-Eat really awesome Key Lime Pie
-Avoid getting a tan (that'll just be me)

And here's a list of things I'll do in Cali:
-Go back to MaMa's for the best brunch in the free world (seriously)
-Not go back to that awful Thai place (egg noodles drenched in peanut butter sauce do not a pad thai make)
-Take day trips to Monterrey and Sonoma
-Not fantasize about bumping into Adam Brody in a book shop

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Lowbrow said...

Thanks for the Shag Frenzy linkage!

Check my virtual tourist page on key west for some suggestions:

Tom aka Lowbrow